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Virtual CD 10.10

Create virtual drives that replicate the information of CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays
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Virtual CD 10 is a disk virtualization application. It can make an image of a CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray, replicating the data contained on the disks. This grants users access to the information at any time in a better and faster way, serving as a perfect backup when the media on the physical disc gets lost or damaged.

The data on the images is exactly the same as on the physical disk. When making these images, compression rate and encryption can be set, so that they, unlike the physical media, can be shared with many users on a network, maximizing availability.

With the new data safe mode, users can create encrypted drives automatically to share and protect sensitive data from unauthorized access; the encrypted drives images do not differ from unprotected ones in operation or handling.

This version includes some new features. An enhanced help with video tutorials, and now the drive icons that Virtual CD creates on the desktop have extended options. Image creation can be interrupted and restarted from the same point later. Finally, a great new improvement enables images to be split to avoid exceeding the capacity of file systems.

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  • Virtual CD, DVD, Blu-ray creation
  • Image encryption
  • Password protection
  • Image creation pausing
  • Easy access and sharing
  • Compatible with Win 7


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